The Offroad Adventure Show: Ricko recaps Finke ‘17

The Ultimate Outback Adventure

By Rick O’Brien, Offroad Adventure Show


There are plenty of things synonymous with the Australian outback. Endless roads, red dirt, corrugations, heat and epic sunsets, but there is one event that comes around each year that takes all of these things and combines them with horsepower, glitz, and a party atmosphere to rival anything else the country has to offer, and that is the annual Tatt’s Finke Desert Race!


One of the world’s most revered off-road races, the Finke draws racers in from all over the world to compete in a variety of vehicles over some of the toughest terrain on the planet. You’ll find everything from modified road-going 4WDs through to big-buck custom-built racecars that could probably buy you a very nice home!



One of the best aspects of the race is the lead-up, where you get the opportunity to get up-close and personal with not only the drivers and riders, but also the vehicles! The owners are all happy to have a chin wag and chat about their passion, as well pose for the odd photo too.


The Tatt’s Finke Desert Race is just one of those events that must be on your bucket list, because the race itself is only half the fun – you’ve got to actually get yourself there first! No matter where you are coming from, you’re not going to get to Finke without some outback off-road travel, and I reckon that is reason enough to get along to experience this truly iconic, and uniquely Northern Territory event! Start making plans, folks, it’s a weekend unlike any other.