Oricom: How to use your UHF CB Radio in the desert

By Oricom and TJM


Whether you’re heading out to the Finke Desert Race or going camping with mates, knowing which UHF channels to use and when to use them can be the difference between getting stuck and finding help. It is important that you take note of which channel to use in an emergency, for listening to updates or for when you require longer range.



Channel 10 – This is the must listen channel when traversing the Simpson Desert, important for monitoring upcoming traffic conditions and track work. This channel is also used for general 4WD applications, clubs, convoys and throughout National parks.


Channels 5 & 35 – These channels are the designated emergency channels and should be strictly used in life threatening and emergency situations. Organisations voluntarily monitor the emergency channels and may be able to assist you in contacting the appropriate service in an emergency. Non-urgent conversations must not use these channels to free them up for emergencies.


Channels 1-8 and 41-48 – These channels are duplex channels, used for extending range. Duplex channels receive and transmit on different frequencies even though they are on the same channel. The transmission on these channels travel to a repeater station, where the signal is boosted. These channels are good if there are hills, bush or other obstructions that prevent the signal from being transmitted clearly on simplex mode.




Remember the communication across any selected channel is public. Ensure you use the correct communication etiquette. If you interfere with another conversation, select another channel to communicate on and do not provoke troublemakers. If a problem arises, use the emergency channels to let others know of your need.


For more information on CB Radio frequency usage and a list of currently authorised channels, visit the ACMA website.



You can also listen to two channels simultaneously with Oricom’s DTX Dual Receive UHF CB radios. This technology is an Australian first, allowing users to listen to the banter of your convoy while you’re listening to condition updates on another channel, without compromising the regular features you would expect from a UHF CB Radio. The DTX4200 is the perfect radio for any vehicle where space is limited as you can simply install the transceiver out-of-sight, as the fully functional and ergonomic controller speaker-mic has all the controls at your fingertips.



Oricom’s range of radios, including the Oricom DTX Dual Receive UHF CB radios are available from TJM stores nationally, search for your closest store.