TJM and Patriot Finke Big in 2019

Patriot Campers Finke buggy

TJM and Patriot Finke Big in 2019

The iconic and treacherous Tatts Finke Desert Race is just around the corner and Justin and Tommy from Patriot Campers are ready for another big event.


“We’ve been preparing for this event for the last few months, and I can say with confidence that we are ready to take on Finke again” says Justin, Director of Patriot Campers and Finke Competitor.


“Once we’d sorted out some mechanical issues with our race buggie last year, we picked up massive speed in our class, passing competitors left and right. We hope this year without the mechanical issues, we can pick that speed up first thing.”


The boys are travelling in their new PCOR Supertourer™ from the Gold Coast to meet the crew from TJM in their Chaser car to cross the Simpson Desert into Alice Springs before the race begins.


Spanners (AKA Dave) has been working day and night to get the new Polaris buggie race-ready, and the boys will need to start breaking it in as soon as they arrive.


Meanwhile Sarah, Michael, the twins and Mia have met up with over a dozen Patriot Campers owners to form a massive “Camp Patriot” convoy of capable off-road vehicles and camper trailers on the road to Finke.


The Finke Desert race attracts the most die-hard, well-intentioned fans, some of whom aren’t exactly driving desert-ready trucks, and the Patriot Owners will need to help out a few fellow Finkers on the way.



Find out what the Finke Desert Race is all about:




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