Visiting Uluru by 4×4

Visiting Uluru by 4×4

Rising up out of the desert in the centre of Australia, you will find Uluru. Geologists classify the UNESCO World Heritage Site as an “inselberg”, which literally means an island mountain. They estimate the sandstone formation began about 550 million years ago.


The Australian icon is located 335km southwest of the nearest town, Alice Springs. he iconic Australian landmark is well worth the drive.


Here are some must-do road trip stops on your way from Alice to Uluru :

  • Packed your swimming gear? Go to Redbank Gorge for an epic dip, floating between rock walls.
  • Gosse Bluff should be next on your list if you’re travelling by 4×4. There you can climb the 142.4 million-year-old comet impact site!
  • Otherwise, go see some rainbow-like rock bands by heading to the sandstone bluffs and cliffs at Rainbow Valley on your way to to the big rock.


Once you arrive at Uluru, take a walk with a traditional owner. Get an insight into the landmark’s significance to the local Aboriginal people as you walk around the 9.4km base. Stop along the way to take a look at the hidden caves and rest beside the tranquil waterholes.


Take a drive to the impressive sunrise and sunset viewing areas where you can see a panoramic view of the rock or head to neighbouring Kata Tjuta, an equally extraordinary rock formation located 32km West of Uluru (approx 50km by road).


More things to do include joining a camel tour, taking a plane to see the rock glow in the sunlight or dining surrounded by stars.